I fell. I fell for you in Paris in spring.

In summer we fell in love deeply in Juan-les-Pins. Together we fell in love with the sea, the birds, the trees, with everything.

In fall we kissed each other in Parc Monceau under falling leaves.

In winter we watched the snow falling through the window sitting tightly embraced besides the fireplace.

But during the circle of seasons of the years our love fell off. Silently our love for each other fell apart. Our lives had diverged and so our paths.

Three years later I did that NYC trip. It was fall. The best season in NYC. There was that French bar where I stumbled across. It was the place where I fell into your arms again. It was a kind of serendipity. We instantly fell for each other again. NYC always had my heart and now you had my heart back again. I was scared to fall in the trap called “love” again. You rode for a fall to convince me that this was not the case. I decided to let myself fall again. It was fall in NYC when I fell again into you.